About Us

Scott Williams – Owner

Two friends, with deep passions for coffee and outdoor adventure, made the daunting decision to open a coffee shop in a town already littered with coffee options.  But we like a good challenge…hence Deep Creek Coffee was established in 2012 in the beautiful town of Springdale, Utah.  This small town is host to over 3.5 million visitors yearly as they enter stunning Zion National Park.

We started out slowly, with a simple coffee, espresso and tea menu, Cassie’s famous baked goods, and a healthy dose of friendly banter.  This kept us busy…but there was a chorus of requests for breakfast from our locals.  We took a deep breath, and introduced our first breakfast item:  the BRO-rito.  We featured more breakfast specials and soon the BRO-rito was joined by a few other cafe favorites…and always with a focus on real ingredients.  We tweak our menu with the seasons and try our hardest to remain true to our community-based roots while meeting the needs of a diverse range of domestic and international customers.

Now in our third year we are happy to feel constant progress in our quest to provide quality coffee in a state struggling to lose the bad coffee standards of generations past.  We are happy to continue to work with many local, small-batch roasters to promote the growth of our industry in Utah.